August 1, 2023
Email BIMI

Email BIMI

Email BIMI has long  a reliable and ubiquitous means of communication, both for personal and professional purposes.

Introduction(BIMI Email: Tutorial & Examples – Valimail)

Email has long been a reliable and ubiquitous means of communication, both for personal and professional purposes. However, the rise of phishing attempts and email spoofing has raised concerns about the authenticity and trustworthiness of email messages. In response to these challenges, an emerging standard called BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) has gained attention.

Understanding Email BIMI

A standard that allows organizations to display their brand logos in email clients, enhancing authenticity and brand recognition, while bolstering trust and combating email fraud.


 Introducing BIMI as a standard that enables organizations to display their brand logos directly in the email clients’ interface, enhancing brand visibility and authenticity.

 Email BIM
Email BIM

Benefits of Email BIMI

Benefits of Email BIMI  Improved brand recognition and trust through consistent display of brand logos in email clients, leading to higher open rates and enhanced email deliverability, ultimately strengthening customer engagement and communication.

  • Improved brand recognition

 Exploring how BIMI enhances brand recognition by displaying brand logos consistently across different email clients, reinforcing brand identity.

  • Increased email open rates

 Discussing studies and research indicating that emails with BIMI logos tend to have higher open rates, as recipients associate them with trusted brands.

  • Enhanced email deliverability

 Exploring the potential impact of BIMI on email deliverability, as email clients are more likely to prioritize authenticated and reputable emails.

Implementing Email BIMI

The process of verifying domain ownership, aligning with DMARC, and creating a BIMI record in DNS to enable the display of brand logos in its clients, ensuring enhanced brand visibility and authentication in email communication.

Domain and logo verification

 Discussing the initial steps of verifying domain ownership and ensuring that the brand logo meets the required specifications for BIMI implementation.

  • DMARC implementation

 Exploring the importance of implementing DMARC policies to align with BIMI and improve email authentication.

Email BIMI
Email BIMI

Adoption and Industry Support

Increasing recognition and acceptance of this by major Email BIMI service providers, alongside industry initiatives like the AuthIndicators Working Group, pave the way for wider implementation, fostering trust and standardizing brand logo display across email clients.

1.Email client support

 Providing an overview of email clients that have started supporting BIMI, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, and the potential impact of wider adoption by major email service providers.

2.Industry initiatives

 Highlighting industry initiatives, such as the AuthIndicators Working Group, aimed at promoting the adoption of BIMI and standardizing its implementation across different email clients.

3.Use cases and success stories

 Showcasing examples of organizations that have implemented BIMI successfully, sharing their experiences and the positive impact on brand recognition and customer engagement.

Future of Email BIMI

Email BIMI Continued evolution with potential advancements in logo display options, integration with emerging email authentication protocols, and the potential for industry-wide adoption, ensuring a more secure and trustworthy email communication landscape.

Discussing the potential future developments of BIMI, such as expanded logo display options and integration with emerging BIMI authentication protocols

Email BIMI
Email BIMI

How BIMI Drives Brand Recognition and Email Deliverability

BIMI not only improves email security but also enhances brand recognition and email deliverability. By showcasing your brand logo alongside your emails, you create a consistent and visually appealing brand experience.

Moreover, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are more likely to prioritize emails with BIMI, resulting in higher deliverability rates and improved overall email performance.


Email BIMI represents a promising solution for enhancing brand visibility, trust, and authenticity in email communication. By displaying brand logos directly in email clients’ interfaces, BIMI helps organizations establish a stronger visual presence and combat email fraud. As the adoption of Email BIMI continues to grow and industry support expands, it holds the potential to transform the email landscape, ensuring more secure and trustworthy communication experiences.


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