August 4, 2023
berry william borope robinson

berry william borope robinson

berry william borope robinson with his deep voice and classic songs, Smokey Robinson, the iconic Motown singer-songwriter, left a lasting impression on the music business. While fans are well-acquainted with his musical achievements, not many are aware of his personal life and the beautiful family he has built. 


In this article, we explore everything there is to know about Smokey Robinson’s three children, shedding light on their lives and the legacies they are creating.

Berry William Borope Robinson – The Eldest Son

Smokey Robinson’s first marriage to Claudette Rogers Robinson, a former member of The Miracles, produced berry william borope robinson who was born on November 16, 1968.His elder son is very concious about his father and about her study but he can not make a successfull man like his father berry william.

private life away

berry william borope robinson has chosen to live a private life away from the public eye. He ventured into the field of finance, working in banking and investments, keeping his personal and professional endeavors discreet.

Tamla Claudette Robinson – The Musical Talent

Smokey’s only daughter and the second child was born on January 10, 1971 as Tamla Claudette Robinson. Named after her mother, Claudette, Tamla has embraced her musical talents and followed in her father’s footsteps. She has carved her own path as a vocalist, infusing R&B, soul, and pop into her music. 

pursuits showcase

Tamla’s artistic pursuits showcase her passion and dedication to the craft, as she continues to build her own musical legacy.

berry william borope robinson
pursuits showcase

Trey Robinson – The Youngest Son

Smokey Robinson’s youngest child from his second marriage to Frances Gladney is Trey Robinson, who was born in 1984. Trey has maintained a relatively private life, with little information available about his personal endeavors. If you want leran more about berry william borope robinson and his 3 young childerns click here

While he may not be as prominent in the public eye as his siblings, Trey is undoubtedly a cherished member of the berry william borope robinson family, contributing to the love and bond they share.

The Influence of Smokey Robinson

A significant influence on their life comes naturally from being Smokey Robinson’s children. Smokey’s extraordinary talent, musical expertise, and undeniable impact on the industry have undoubtedly shaped the paths of berry william borope robinson , Tamla, and Trey. 

pursuing careers

Whether it’s pursuing careers in finance, music, or leading private lives, the berry william borope robinson children carry a sense of pride in their father’s achievements.

berry william borope robinson
pursuing careers

The Strong Family Bond

The relationship between Smokey Robinson’s children and their father is still solid even if they have chosen separate careers. The smooky robinson loves alot with his wifeand also his childerns.He spent most of our time with his family and also very caring for our family.

Despite the challenges

Despite the challenges that come with growing up in the shadow of a famous parent, they have navigated their lives with love, support, and understanding. Family gatherings, special occasions, and private moments continue to strengthen their connection, serving as a reminder of the enduring love that binds them.


Smokey Robinson’s journey as a musical legend is enriched by the love and presence of his three children: berry william borope robinson Tamla Claudette Robinson, and Trey Robinson. While each child has pursued unique paths, they share a common thread of admiration for their father’s musical legacy. 

The Robinson kids are a living example of the everlasting power of family and the enduring influence of Smokey Robinson’s artistry and love as they continue to live their lives in dignity and privacy.

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