August 4, 2023
berry william borope robinson

berry william borope robinson

berry william borope robinson is a name synonymous with soulful music and undeniable talent. The legendary singer-songwriter has captured the hearts of millions with his soul-stirring voice and timeless classics. Smokey’s remarkable career has won him followers all over the world, but his rarely-seen eldest son, Berry Robinson, is a part of his life that is still mostly forgotten.


In this article, we delve into the life of berry william borope robinson, exploring his connection with his famous father and the striking resemblance he shares with the Motown icon.

The Legacy of Smokey Robinson

Before we embark on Berry Robinson’s journey, it is essential to understand the legacy of his father, Smokey Robinson. Smokey is regarded as one of the finest songwriters in the annals of popular music, with a career spanning over six decades. 

successful solo career

From his early days as the lead singer of The Miracles to his successful solo career, berry william borope Robinson has left an indelible mark on the music industry with hits like “Tears of a Clown,” “Tracks of My Tears,” and “Cruisin’.” His velvety voice, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating stage presence have solidified his place as a true musical icon.

Introducing Berry Robinson

While Smokey Robinson’s musical achievements have garnered widespread acclaim, his personal life has been more private. berry william borope robinson born on December 23, 1968, is Smokey’s eldest son from his first marriage to Claudette Rogers Robinson, a former member of The Miracles. 

berry william borope robinson
Introducing Berry Robinson

berry william borope robinson grew up away from the public eye, shielded from the spotlight that his father commanded. He has so kept a low profile throughout his entire life.

A Striking Resemblance

Despite Berry Robinson’s limited public appearances, those fortunate enough to catch glimpses of him have noted the striking resemblance he bears to his father. 

prominent feature

One prominent feature that stands out is his infectious smile, which is remarkably similar to Smokey’s trademark grin. Berry William Borope Robinson appears to have acquired not only his physical traits but also his charismatic personality and welcoming demeanor from his father.

A Life Away from the Limelight

Berry Robinson chose a different path from his famous father, opting for a life away from the glitz and glamour of the music industry. While Smokey pursued a career in music, berry william borope robinson delved into the field of finance, working in banking and investments. This decision allowed him to lead a relatively private life, away from the constant scrutiny that comes with being the child of a celebrity.

The Bond Between Father and Son

The relationship between a father and son is unique and sacred and is frequently marked by love, awe, and support. In the case of legendary singer-songwriter Smokey Robinson and his children, the bond between father and son is no exception. 

Throughout his illustrious career and personal life, Smokey Robinson has exemplified the role of a loving father, forging a deep connection with his sons and leaving an indelible mark on their lives. The relationship between Smokey Robinson and his sons is examined in this piece, and we look at the love, advice, and shared experiences that have shaped it.

berry william borope robinson
The Bond Between Father and Son
  • Nurturing Talents and Passions
  • Shared Experiences and Milestones
  • Mutual Respect and Admiration
  • A Lasting Legacy


berry william borope Robinson may be Smokey Robinson’s rarely-seen eldest son, but his connection to his famous father runs deep. Berry has clearly inherited his father’s irresistible charm and grin, reminding us of the close family ties they share even though he may have shied away from the spotlight.

As Smokey Robinson’s musical legacy continues to inspire generations, it’s heartwarming to know that his son, berry william borope robinson is there to witness it all, carrying a part of his father’s spirit with him wherever he goes.

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